Divine Love Meditation

Pachamama is Divine Love

Pachamama is the highest divinity of the Andean people since she is concerned with fertility, plenty, the feminine, generosity and providing protection.

The name Pachamama is translated into English as Mother Earth since pacha is a word in both Quechua and Aymara that means earth, cosmos, universe, time, space, etc. and in English mama means “mother.”


Oils For the Divine Love Meditation

I am suggesting more than one option because in some countries, the oil suggested is not available or you may not have the suggested oil at home. You can create a blend with whatever oils you have at home or you can order by clicking on the link below. Be creative!

1. Grounding Blend

Use Valor

2. Divine Connection Blend

In an empty oil bottle mix:
2 drops Stress Away
10 drops Frankincense

Optional: Add 5 drops Cedarwood to reduce Monkey Brain

3. Divine Transformation Blend

Use Transformation oil
Another option:
In an empty oil bottle mix:
5 drops Lavender
5 drops RC

3. Divine Love Blend

Use Joy or Forgiveness

4. Divine Protection Spray

In a 4 oz. glass spray bottle:
Add 10 drops Palo Santo or White Angelica. Fill with water.

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