Once you try it, this Inhaler will be one of your go-to tools!

The Essential Oil Inhaler is a profound way to use essential oils for respiratory support, emotional balance and breaking addictions. You can try different oil blends in your inhaler for different effect to find out what works best for you.



While your diffuser provides a beautiful and safe aromatic environment in your house and work space. The Essential Oil Inhaler quickly affects your brain and lungs so that essential oils can penetrate deeper than when you cup your hands together over your nose. 

This is an indirect application so your skin will not be touching the oils at any time and your eyes won´t tear up if you use a strong oil like Peppermint or Thieves.

NOTE: This information applies only to Young Living Premium essential oils.   We do not recommend using any store-bought oils or other brands. Even when the label says “therapeutic-grade” or “100% pure” you do not know what fillers or additives could be in them that could have a negative effect on your lungs.

How does the inhaler work?

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

Take a cotton filter (includes 4) and separate the fibers by pulling gently to the sides so the essential oils get absorbed quickly.

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa
Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

Put 3-5 drops of your favorite oils on the filter and put the filter insider the wooden inhaler.

Use the Essential Oil Inhaler as if it was a straw by gently breathing in oil-infused air

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

Why do we get 4 different filters?

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

In case you want to play with different oils, you can switch the filters so you won´t mix something you might not like. You can also wash your filter if you were not happy with your blend and reuse them many times. Let dry for at least 48 hours before reusing the filter, it should be completely dry before adding essential oils again.

How do I remove the filter?

In case your filter traveled all the way in the channel, just blow and the air will push it out. The cotton filter does not fit tight in the wooden inhaler so it will come out by blowing (as you would blow a balloon). You can also leave a small part of the filter out so you can pull it out easier.

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

Is this a personal use item?

Yes, we recommend you keep your Essential Oil Inhaler to yourself. Sharing it with others is like sharing your toothbrush and passing your saliva to others. It´s important to be safe, especially in today´s world.

Essential Oil Inhaler Judy De La Rosa

Which oils would you recommend?

You can use single oils or blends. Any oil that is also a Vitality oil is a good choice to use in your inhaler. Just add 1-2 drops of each oil on your filter. Favorites are RC., Raven, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Thieves.

Note: Peppermint is not recommended for children until 4 years of age.

How do I get Young Living oils to use with my Essential Oil Inhaler?

Contact the person who shared this information with you and they will help you set up your account with Young Living. Be sure to use their Young Living ID number as your Enroller and Sponsor Affiliate referral so you become part of their team. Otherwise, you will be randomly assigned to a team that you don´t know.

How long does the oil last on the filter?

Essential oils will have a taste for 3-7 days depending on the blend you added. Peppermint tends to linger longer than citrus oils and spices have a long lasting taste too.

How often should I add more oil to the filter?

You can play this one by ear. If you feel you need some more oil, just add it! There are no rules. Just play with your oils and have fun finding your own favorite blends.

How often should I use the Essential Oil Inhaler?

For immediate relief, you might start by using the Inhaler every few minutes. For many situations, you can use the Inhaler every 30-60 minutes throughout the day. As you begin to regain balance, you may gradually use the inhaler 3 times a day or when you think of it.

For Example: If you want to sleep better, try inhaling after dinner every hour so your brain and body begin to relax. If you don´t feel happy during the day, inhale every few minutes until you feel grounded and settled. To quit smoking, use your Inhaler every time you crave a cigarette.

Here are some of our favorite blends

Asset 6

Feeling playful?

Just add a couple of oils and test them out. If you like the oils, you´ve got a winner! Worst case scenario: you don´t like it. Just wash the filter and start over. 

The best part: you get creative and come up with amazing blends that make you happy!

Want to purchase an Essential Oil Inhaler?

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