How can I balance my emotions?


Start your day with this “Daily Tune Up with Essential Oils”

(You can spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes each morning as a morning meditation).

After applying each oil, slowly inhale the oil at least 3-6 times with eyes closed.

  1. Valor on the bottom of the feet and slowly inhale.
  2. Lavender on the Solar Plexus (stomach) and inhale.
  3. Joy or Stress Away on the Heart and inhale.
  4. Frankincense on the top of the head and inhale.

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Premium Starter Kit

Starter Bundle

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This essential oil isn’t included in the Starter Bundle or the Feelings Kit. This oil is excellent for releasing anger and opening your heart to happiness and joy. You can use it will either kit or by itself.

Feelings Kit

Feeling Kit

Essential Oil Collection ($235)
The Feelings™ Collection features six essential oil blends that inspire feelings of emotional well-being and provide the foundation for encouraging forgiveness and identifying oneself. Use in the morning and evening to promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony.

Contains Valor, Harmony, Present Time, Release, Forgiveness, Inner Child oils.
Instructions included.

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How can I balance my emotions?

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